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We seek to examine participation motivation for physical activity and exercise, and determine the associations of physical activity with motor and cognitive function and psychosocial health outcomes among children and adolescents with disabilities or special educational needs (SEN).

We aim to conduct high quality evidence-based multi-disciplinary research that makes significant scholarly contributions in the application of and translational knowledge leading to demonstrated impacts on children with SEN in the field.
Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • Participation motivation for exercise and sport
  • Psychological well-being and cognitive function
Physical Activity and Motor Skill Performance
  • Physical activity and sedentary behavior in children and adolescents with special educational needs
  • Physical activity and motor skill interventions and associated health outcomes
Key Projects
  • Physical activity intervention on motor and cognitive functions and psychosocial outcomes of children with developmental coordination disorder
  • School-based physical activity intervention on cognitive and mental health in Hong Kong adolescents with and without special educational needs
  • Jockey Club “Sports without Limits” Youth Empowerment Programme
Key Facilities and Equipment
  • Accelerometers (ActiGraph, Activinsights)
  • Polar PE solution and heart rate monitors
  • E-Prime
  • Tobii eye tracker
  • ET-Mobile eye tracker
Our Team
PhD Students
Ms Rui-yuan TAO
Ms Jing-si WEN
Mr Roy Ching-yat CHAN (Part-time)
Dr Jessie Jie FENG, Postdoctoral Fellow
+852 3943 9358
Mr Pak-yeung LO, Research Assistant
+852 3943 0442
Mr Tommy Po-yin SIN, Research Assistant
+852 3943 0696
Mr Lucas Chi-hang TSOI, Research Assistant
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