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Dr. Edwin Chun-yip CHIN

Postdoctoral Fellow
Department of Sports Science and Physical Education
BScEd (First Hon) (EdUHK)
+852 3943 5253
Research Interest
  • Exercise and health
  • Exercise prescription
Recent Publications
  • Yu DJ, Yu AP, Leung CK, Chin EC, Fong DY, Cheng CP, Yau SY, Siu PM. Comparison of moderate and vigorous walking exercise on reducing depression in middle-aged and older adults: A pilot randomized controlled trial. Eur J Sport Sci. 2022;1-10. doi: 10.1080/17461391.2022.2079424.
  • Yu AP, Chin EC, Yu DJ, Fong DY, Cheng CP, Hu X, Wei GX, Siu PM. Tai Chi versus conventional exercise for improving cognitive function in older adults: a pilot randomized controlled trial. Sci Rep. 2022;12(1):8868. doi: 10.1038/s41598-022-12526-5.
  • Chin EC, Leung CK, Yu DJ, Yu AP, Bernal JK, Lai CW, Chan DKC, Ngai HH, Yung PSH, Lee CH, Fong DY, Keating SE, Coombes JS, Siu PM. Effects of one-year once-weekly high-intensity interval training on body adiposity and liver fat in adults with central obesity: Study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. J Exerc Sci Fit. 2022; 20(2):161-171. doi: 10.1016/j.jesf.2022.03.003.
  • Chin EC, Yu AP, Leung CK, Bernal JD, Au WW, Fong DY, Cheng CP, Siu PM. Effects of Exercise Frequency and Intensity on Reducing Depressive Symptoms in Older Adults With Insomnia: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial. Front Physiol. 2022; 13:863457. doi: 10.3389/fphys.2022.863457.
  • Siu PM, Yu AP, Chin EC, Yu DS, HUI SSC, Woo J, Fong DY, Wei GX, & Irwin, MR. Effects of Tai Chi or Conventional Exercise on Central Obesity in Middle-aged and Older Adults: A Three-arm Randomized Controlled Trial. Annals of Internal Medicine. 2021; 174(8):1050-1057. doi: 10.7326/M20-7014.
  • Siu PM, Yu AP, Tam BT, Chin EC, Yu DS, Chung KF, Hui SS, Woo J, Fong DY, Lee PH, Wei GX, and Irwin MR. Effects of Tai Chi or exercise on sleep in older adults with insomnia: A three-arm randomized controlled trial. JAMA Network Open, 2021; 4(2):e203719. doi: 10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.37199
  • Chin EC, Yu AP, Lai CW, Fong DY, Chan DK, Wong SH, Sun F, Ngai HH, Yung PSH, Siu PM. Low-Frequency HIIT Improves Body Composition and Aerobic Capacity in Overweight Men. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2020; 52(1):56-66. doi: 10.1249/MSS.0000000000002097.
Conference/Symposium Presentation
  • Chin EC, Leung CK, Yu DJ, Yu AP, Bernal J, Au WW, Siu PM. The effects of once weekly high-intensity interval training on improving body adiposity in adults with obesity: A 9-month follow-up of a randomized controlled trial. 7th HKASMSS Student Conference on Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Exercise Science 2021 cum Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Scientific Symposium 2021. Hong Kong, China, 2021 (Oral Presentation)
  • Chin EC, Au WW, Leung CK, Yu AP, Bernal JDK, Mo JM, Recchia F, Yu DJ, Siu PM. Effects of Intensity and Frequency of Walking Exercise on Cardiorespiratory Fitness among Older Adults with Insomnia: A Pilot Study. APRU Global Health Conference. Hong Kong, China, 2021 (Virtual Poster Presentation)
  • Chin E, Leung C, Yu A, Leung W, Yu J, Fong D, Cheung C, Siu P. Effects of Walking Intensity and Frequency on Improving Mood in Older Adults with Depressive Symptoms: A Pilot Study. 25th Annual Congress of the European College of Sports Science. 2020 (Virtual Poster Presentation)
  • Chin EC & Siu PM. Different Frequencies of High-intensity Interval Training on Aerobic Fitness and Fatness in Overweight/obese Young Adults. ACSM’s 66th Annual Meeting, Orlando, USA, 2019 (Poster Presentation)
Teaching Experience
  • Exercise Physiology
Selected Honours and Awards
  • 1st Prize of Oral Presentation – Sports Medicine & Exercise Science Category (7th HKASMSS Student Conference on Sports Medicine, Rehabilitation and Exercise Science 2021 cum Asian Federation of Sports Medicine Scientific Symposium 2021)
Selected Professional Services/Affiliations
  • Exercise is Medicine® (EIM) Credential (American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Exercise Physiologist (American College of Sports Medicine)
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