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Sports Nutrition and Physical Activity

The research group is a dynamic multi-disciplinary team of researchers devoted to learning, understanding, developing, and advancing in the areas of physical activity, sports nutrition, exercise physiology, and health sciences. Particularly, we seek to understand the associations and mechanisms between physical activity, sedentary behavior and human health (e.g., cardio-metabolic health) in different populations, and examine sports nutrition for exercise performance. We also study the social-environmental influences on children’s physical activity and sedentary behaviors and promote an active lifestyle among children. We aim to conduct high-quality and evidence-based research that makes significant impact on people’s exercise performance and health.
Sports Nutrition and Exercise Performance
Sports Nutrition and Exercise Performance
  • Applied Physiology of Sports Science
  • Time-restricted Eating & Metabolic Health
  • Core Muscle Training & Health Benefits
  • High Intensity Interval Training
Physical Activity/Exercise and Health
Physical Activity/Exercise & Health
  • Children’s Physical Activity & Health Promotion
  • Sedentary Behavior & Cardiometabolic Health
Key Projects
  • Promoting physical activity among primary school children and their families in Hong Kong: A community-based healthy lifestyle program ("F.I.T. Family")
  • Wearing face masks during exercise in the heat: Does intensity and physical activity level matter?
  • Active Healthy Kids Hong Kong Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Youth
  • Hong Kong Chronicles - Sports
Key Facilities and Equipment
  • Cobas C 111 analyzer
  • MAX-IIa Metabolic Systems
  • Ultra-low temperature freezer
  • Bioelectrical impedance analyzer
  • Treadmill & Monark Cycle-ergometers
  • Accelerometers (ActiGraph, activPAL)
  • xMarkTM Microplate Absorbance Spectrophotometer
Our Team
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