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Ms Zi-han DAI (代子涵)
Time-restricted Eating & Metabolic Health
Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme Awardee
Sport Psychology, Public Health
Ms Hayley Yan HUANG (黄炎)
Physical Literacy and Sociology of Sport
Ms Ying HUANG (黃穎)
Physical activity for health
Ms Shan JIANG (江姗)
Physical Activity, Physical Education& eHealth
Ms Chang LIU (劉暢)
Sport and performance psychology
Mr Jin-de LIU (劉金德)
Health and Fitness Research
Mr Penny Rui-si MA (馬睿思)
Physical Literacy and Physical Activity
Ms Bo PENG (彭勃)
Women Sports and Health
Mr Jia-hao SHEN (沈家豪)
Fall Prevention
Mr Dixon Di TANG (唐迪)
Physical Literacy; eSports; Sports Communication
Ms Rui-yuan TAO (陶瑞媛)
Adapted Physical Activity, Cognitive Function
Mr James Ho-pong WAN (尹浩邦)
Health and Fitness Research
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