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Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy

We aim to promote Quality Physical Education (QPE) through quality research and community projects. Our work encompasses the study of teaching and learning, application of information technology in physical education, the design and implementation of school- and family-based interventions, and teacher professional development. Through the application of evidence-based practices, we are determined to cultivate a positive and supportive environment in school and home settings that enhances the physical literacy of individuals at all ages.
State-of-the-art Methods of Physical Activity Measurement
Mobility Patterns and Fall Mechanisms in Older Adults
  • Development of accessible tools to measure quality and quantity of movement behaviors
  • Improving existing research methods for physical activity measurement
School- and Family-based Interventions and Promotion of Home-school Collaboration
Risk Factors Associated with Injury
  • Improving instruction of physical education teachers through professional development training
  • Enhance parents’ physical literacy through parental education workshops
Capturing the Physical Literacy Journey of Individuals across Generations
Strategies for Injury Prevention
  • Examination of 24-hour movement behaviors of preschool-aged children
  • Study and promotion of physical literacy in children and parents
Key Projects
  • Fun to Move@JC – promoting physical literacy and enhancing home-school collaboration
  • Physical Activity Routines, Education, Assessment, Literacy, and Information Technology application in Young children (PA REALITY): A social cognitive theory-based movement education programme for preschool students
  • Promoting physical activity in children through family-based intervention: The “Active 1+FUN” randomized controlled trial
  • Fit & Active Retirement: A mobile-based, combined coach- and peer-led physical function programme for young-old retirees
Key Facilities and Equipment
  • Accelerometers (ActiGraph, ActivPal)
  • Activity trackers (Fun to Move@JC Sport Band)
  • Polar heart rate monitors
  • Microsoft Kinect infrared cameras
Our Team
PhD Students
Dr Tao-ran ZENG, Research Associate
+852 3943 9440
Ms Candice Nga-sze YIU, Research Assistant
+852 3943 9440
Ms Hebe Hoi-yung TO, Research Assistant
+852 3943 6098
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